Shimmy & Shop Belly Dance Festival

Teachers and Taster Sessions

Arabella at Shimmy and Shop Festival in BristolArabella

Arabella has been teaching and performing professional Belly Dance in Bristol and beyond since 2002. Her troupe, The Arabellas, enjoy learning the different styles of Egyptian dance and performing fun group routines. Arabella's connection with the music is enchanting. Her love affair with the dance takes a discerning audience on a mesmerising and uplifting journey through her experiences of dance in Cairo and across the Middle East, and draws the uninitiated into the magical world of fantasy Arabian Nights. Arabella consolidated this knowledge in the JWAAD Diploma, which she completed in 2008.


11:30 - Baba Karam Taster

This fun Persian character dance is often danced by women and gently pokes fun at 'Dad's wedding dancing', or men who see themselves as 'lovable rogues'. Obviously the women look super cool performing it and over the years it has become rather sexy! The simple steps carry a lot of character and make you and the audience smile!

Carmen Jones at Shimmy and Shop Festival in BristolCarmen Jones

Carmen's dance is one of expression, expansion and fun! Her years of experience have been a journey of self-discipline, self-discovery and adventure. She has travelled internationally with her work teaching and performing and has recently toured the UK with Club Cairo, her live music, dance and theatre extravaganza.

12:30 - Muwashah/Andalucian - The court dance of Mediaeval/Moorish Spain

An enchanting and most elegant form of dance. The music dates back to the 10th century and was originally written to accompany poetry. The dance glides and flows through space with a real sense of regal presence. Literally, poetry in motion!


Kay Taylor at Shimmy & Shop belly dance festival in BristolKay Taylor

One of the directors of JWAAD Belly Dance Training Ltd, Kay is known throughout the UK and beyond for her links with Cairo, her energy and passion for this dance, as well as for both her teaching and performance skills. Kay was voted 'Most Inspirational UK Teacher 2016' by NADA magazine readers.

Based in the North East, Kay teaches regular classes as well as workshops, both nationally and internationally. In Kay's words, she "loves seeing people develop". She is choreographer, teacher and mentor to two performance troupes, Helwa and the Raqsettes. Kay runs residential weekends in the UK (Borwick and Ponden) as well as trips to Cairo ... not forgetting teaching and developing the accredited JWAAD courses.

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13:30 - Sha'abi

Sha'abi - Egyptian street music - whether in a taxi or walking down the street in Cairo, you hear Sha'abi music blaring out wherever you go ... forget about isolation and definition ... funky and fun is the name of the game! Kay will introduce you to a few Sha'abi moves to current Sha'abi sounds ... relax and enjoy!

Sacha Tremain at Shimmy and Shop festival in BristolSacha Tremain

Sacha has been dancing and teaching for over 13 years and is known for her improvisational Turkish Oryantal and Turkish Romani style of dancing, but also has been exploring more lyrical forms of dancing, which adds to her creative flair. She set up the Damara Dancers and Çarsamba bellydance troupes. Sacha also puts on regular bellydance shows for charity and hosts various international and national teachers for interesting workshops.

Sacha offers quality bellydance classes in a range of different styles, specialising in Turkish Oryantal for all levels. This class aims to help students learn technique, have fun and bring out the gorgeous dancers within.

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14:30 - Turkish Romany

Come and join Sacha to learn some Turkish Romany techniques and combinations, which are high energy, fun and sassy. Working with a different rhythm (9/8) is always challenging ... but it will be great fun! Sacha will teach you moves to a popular Turkish song, which you may recognise ... definitely one not to miss!

Josephine Jo Wise at Shimmy & Shop festival in BristolJosephine Wise

Josephine is one of the world's top exponents of Egyptian Dance. Her style is known for its authenticity and expression. As a teacher she is in demand for her high technical standards and her knowledge of the interpretation of Egyptian music.

A professional dancer and dance teacher since 1978, Jo has danced extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Egypt and the Middle East, including regular functions for Arabic royal families. In 2007 she started a new dance company, Johara Dance, with a repertoire that ranges from the highly dramatic to witty and light-hearted, and her shows include authentic Egyptian style dance with sections of fusion choregraphy.

Jo set up the Josephine Wise Academy of Arabic Dance (JWAAD) to promote the highest standards in Arabic dance, the JWAAD Teacher Training Diploma course (now developed into several stand-alone courses), of which she is a director and tutor. She teaches weekly classes in London, weekend workshops in the UK and abroad, and runs the annual JWAAD Summer School.

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15:30 - The Art of Taqasim

Find your inner odalisque and melt into the music! A taster revealing secrets of how to interpret the solo instruments and moods of taqasim. Using a repertoire of flowing, sensuous moves and controlled, sharp contrasts, we will add darma to our dancing and seduce our audience.

Saeeda Jameel belly dance at Shimmy and Shop festival in BristolSaeeda Jameel

Saeeda is a teacher and performer based in North Somerset, where she holds weekly classes. She is known for her warm, friendly teaching style and for encouraging her students to have fun with this dance style. As well as performing as a soloist, Saeeda leads her open student performance troupe, Jaadu. She holds a JWAAD Diploma in teaching Arabic Dance and is a member of the JTA.

16:30 - Khaleeji

A brief introduction into the joyful dance of the Persian Gulf: Khaleeji. Often referred to as the 'hair dance' this is a social dance often performed in groups. Key moves include hair throwing, hand shimmies and a 'limping' footstep. In this taster session, we will focus on some of the key moves to a backdrop of the Khaleeji rhythm. We will experience this uplifting dance together - let the joy begin!


Pearl Boheme teacher at Shimmy & Shop festival in Bristol 2017Pearl Boheme

Pearl Boheme is a Tribal and Dark fusion movement artist with a striking visual style and powerful stage presence. This progressive dance fusion unlocks the door to untold creative diversity, blurring the lines between dance, live art and performance.

"My work is intended to create a magical, other worldly moment in which the observer may respond with emotion or deep recognition. If image is rich enough we will fill the gaps with human stories, like the body's connective tissue. Life is about connection - through connection we create and tell our story. Movement and visual art are how I share mine."

17:30 - The Inner Innards

Pearl explores the internal workings of a belly dancer. Useful information whatever your discipline. It is always fascinating to approach things from a different angle. If you haven't been to a class with Pearl Boheme before, try this one.