"...[the] course... is absolutely... wonderful and [a] very... enriching experience in terms of adding an in-depth understanding, knowledge and of course confidence... Above all thank you for providing us with the opportunity to take our passion to the next level and spread it in a professional manner, it is very much appreciated." Tatiana YatsounovaKay Taylor teaching JWAAD Open College Network accredited Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes course

JWAAD New Courses and New Diploma Options

JWAAD is in the process of developing and expanding our courses in a way that will provide more flexibility, a higher level of qualification, accreditation from the One Awards, and two Diploma options.

In future it will be possible to take more of our courses without being a Diploma student, and for those who are of an intermediate level or above it will be possible to register to two possible Diplomas.

Each separate course will lead to a JWAAD Certificate and a One Awards Certificate. If you are registered for a Diploma, you will need to complete and pass four courses/units.


JWAAD professional training courses started with the launch of the Teacher Training Course by Josephine Wise and Maggie Caffrey in 1992. It has always been recognised as a course of depth and excellence, and is the most prestigious and the most detailed course in the UK. JWAAD trained teachers now teach across the UK from Scotland to Cornwall, in France, Spain, Norway, Belgium, Ireland and Australia. To find out more about JWAAD Principal, Josephine Wise, click here.

Kay Taylor joined the team of Teacher Training Tutors in 2006 and is now Head of the JWAAD Professional Training Program. She is responsible for developing the courses with Josephine and is working towards One Awards accreditation for every course. To find out more about Kay click here.

JWAAD students studying on Open College Network accredited Professional Diploma CourseThe Courses/Units

Below are the Units. Some are already accredited and up and running, others (marked *) are in the process of being developed, two from our previous Diploma Course work and two completely new courses.

We now accept deposits via Paypal. Click on one of the courses below to reserve your place.

'Safe Delivery of Belly Dance Classes' (TD)
'Understanding Music Used within Belly Dance' (TD & PD)
• 'The Influence of History & Culture upon Belly Dance' (TD & PD)
'Teaching Methods Used Within Belly Dance' (TD)
• 'Creating a Belly Dance Performance' (PD)
• 'Stagecraft for Belly Dance'* (PD)

Non-Diploma Students

All but two of the courses above are open to non-Diploma students. You are welcome to register for them and you will receive a certificate from JWAAD and another from the One Awards. They all stand alone as qualifications.

The Diplomas

JWAAD Teaching Diploma (TD)
JWAAD Performance Diploma (PD)

The following JWAAD Tutors are licensed to teach parts of the JWAAD Professional Courses and relevant private lessons. When you register on a course, you will be advised which are the relevant Tutors:

Josephine Wise

London, South East, National/International


Kay Taylor

Newcastle, Sunderland, North East, National/ International


Yvette Cowles

London, National/International


Gwen Booth

Oxford, South East, National/International


Claire Novis

Newcastle, North East, National


To find out more about the JWAAD Assessors on the Personal Development Programme click here


See Louise's comments on the One Awards accreditation of the JWAAD courses.



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